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Jenives International Company, established in 2019, is a Nigerian-owned enterprise dedicated to providing renewable energy solutions to clients Nationwide. Specializing in the development of off-grid systems for residential and commercial facilities, Jenives is at the forefront of advancing sustainable energy practices in Nigeria.

Recognizing the economic strain caused by frequent fuel price hikes and reliance on generators for electricity, Jenives International focuses on providing affordable renewable energy solutions by integrating rooftop solar installations with energy efficiency measures and smart technology. In a time of economic uncertainty, our comprehensive approach not only offers households and businesses a sustainable alternative to traditional power sources but also contributes to Nigeria’s journey towards energy independence and economic stability.


How we work

You provide a location & We take care of the rest.


Assessment and Planning

A professional Solar Representative form us will have a chat with you to evaluate your property and energy needs to design a customized solar or inverter system.

Installation and Connection

The installation team will schedule a date and time for installing the solar panels and connect them to your property's electrical system.

Testing and Maintenance

We ensure your solar system works properly, conducting tests and offering ongoing maintenance services for optimal performance.
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Our Objectives


To provide accessibility of high-quality and cost-effective clean energy solutions to every corner of Nigeria, thus catalyzing sustainable progress and improving the livelihoods of individuals nationwide.


To eliminate energy poverty from Africa while positioning ourselves as the forefront driver of innovation and entrepreneurship within the renewable energy sector.

Company Objectives

Renewable Energy Advocacy

Successfully re-position renewable energy solutions with policymakers through national-level influence, so that an enabling environment is delivered for renewable energy growth in Nigeria.

Energy Market Analysis

Producing thought-leading energy market analysis that supports the business objectives of our partners and promotes renewable energy to policymakers and the energy sector.

Renewable Energy Financing

Ensuring that renewable energy solutions have access to financing across Nigeria, through communication and exchange finance with the finance communities.

Business Opportunity Coordination

Effective coordination of business opportunities for partners through supporting market, networking, and business development platforms in Nigeria and beyond.

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Our Core Values

Commitment to Goals.

The responsibility to members and colleagues entails collaborative efforts to meet the imperative objectives of ensuring affordable access to clean energy for all individuals across Nigeria. This commitment is driven by a shared dedication to fostering sustainable development and enhancing the quality of life for communities throughout the nation.

Innovative Solutions.

Harnessing creativity involves introducing groundbreaking solutions to address Nigeria’s energy deficits, thereby paving the way for transformative advancements in society’s energy landscape. Through innovative approaches, our aim is to overcome existing challenges and propel Nigeria towards a sustainable and prosperous energy future.

Flexibility and Skill-building

Dynamism means being flexible and able to work on different things smoothly, while also learning skills that can be used in creating smart solar energy solutions. This helps in adapting to changing needs and making progress in developing innovative solar technologies.

Exceeding Expectations

Enthusiasm propels the delivery of exceptional work outcomes that surpass standard expectations, fueled by a dedicated commitment to exceeding objectives through proactive and energetic efforts that consistently go above and beyond the call of duty.

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